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A French Summer

FullSizeRenderRecently I have had a major stripe obsession, every time I walk into a store I am drawn to the clean and crisp look of black on white. After a friend of mine was swiping through some photos of me from the summer, I got a title for my current fashion vibe, French. Being the nerd that I am, I decided to look online and find some other decidedly French fashion. The French look is often paired with clean make up,  the occasional bold red lip, comfy denim, and metallic jewelry.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.36.01 AMAfter Pinteresting, googling, and searching through Tumblr I found that my friend was right, I am currently leaning toward a more french style. This idea was further cemented for me after I found a ton of photos of stylish French women wearing a piece of clothing that I have been on the hunt for all summer; overalls.

For a shorter woman, with a little bit of curves this returning fashion piece can be a little harder to find. While I am looking for the perfect pair, I’ll just have to settle for my growing collection of stripped shirts.

A similar shirt to the one featured in the photograph linked here from J. Crew for $39.50.

And for my hot weather friends, here is a shorter sleeved shirt from Modcloth for $29.99.

I have always loved a good red lip. When done right, I thi97e6ece2ab2612fe531f84ce0d93fae3nk it makes almost any outfit look more dressed up and classy. Since the French love keeping their makeup as clean as their outfits, they definitely do a good red lip right. Since Sarah already did an amazing post about her favorite lipstick, I figured I’d get to share mine which is Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss 107.

Keeping with the casual clean vibe, sneakers of all shapes and sizes are rocked by this stylish culture. My favorite by Steve Madden, pairs easily with all their outfits and makes walking from place to place both stylish and extremely comfortable.

I am going to continue to find inspiration from all the stylish French ladies out there and to all of you I say, Aime la mode française.

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