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A Top is Worth a Thousand Words

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When wandering through the mall and other various stores, I have noticed a lot of typographic shirts.  From the very affordable to extremely high end, every designer/brand is littering their collection with quirky sayings, sassy remarks, and inspirational quotes. Cool and comfortable, this easy to wear summer trend works for almost any occasion. It is extremely easy to dress up or dress down while keeping the wearer comfortable.

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There are two reasons why I love this shirt; the first is its clean black and white look. This makes the more stylized  writing legible. The second reason are the actual words on the shirt; for some reason I am drawn to shirts that talk about places.

  Anthropologie $68.00

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.34.38 PMI saw this shirt on a couple of YouTube videos.  I found it mildly entertaining since it seems that despite my best efforts, I spend,more time on the internet reading or writing blogs then working out.

Jawbreaking $30.00

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Wanderlust has recently become a hot word on a lot of clothing and home goods . Despite firmly believing I have it, products that bear the words are items I do not feel like spending money on. However, I love the tee because of the  the dictionary definition format and it’s a boyfriend style cut.

  ASOS $26.00

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 This is the shirt Vanessa Hudgens is wearing in the image above. This shirt speaks absolute truth.  I cannot imagine starting my day without some sort of caffeine.

Bongo on sale for $7.99

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