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Changing Hair

I’ve been debating dying my hair for a very long time. However, every time I fell in love with some sort of coloring on Pinterest or any other of the online sharing sites it was always unnatural. With two jobs that both require hair to be in the natural spectrum of coloring the dark pink […]

Birchbox No. 1

For Christmas this year, Sarah gave me three months of Birchbox. For those of you who read the blog regularly, you’ll know I love to write about the makeup that I have been using. Since getting the samples, I have tried to use them every day to write an excellent and thorough review. Juliette Has […]

2016 Globes: 10 Best Dressed

My dear Golden Globes, you came saw and conquered the first award show of the evening with most of the ladies and gentlemen who attended you on Point as they dressed to the nines. We watched and wondered at your glamour for 2 hours of red carpet and 3 hours of people ignoring sound cues […]

Golden Past

We are almost to the Golden Globes people! That’s right on January 10th (this Sunday) the first major award show of the evening will air. Award shows are a personal favorite of mine not only as a movie fan but as the shows introduced me to some of my now favorite designers and help set […]

Be Bold

I am currently in a love affair with a good bold lip, it’s new exciting and a fun way to play with color in the fall. When I rock one of the my a shade from my growing collection, I currently have five bold, people tell me how they could never pull it off. I […]

October Favorites

It’s the end of the Month, Boo! (that’s a ghost pun and an emotion) and while we were all shocked by the fast paced movement of the month, we are very excited to share five of our favorite things Each. Since this is the Friday before Halloween, we’d also love to wish you a Fun […]

Movie Character Monday – Mia Wallace

With Halloween right around the corner, I felt it was the appropriate time to do another movie charecter Monday. For this post I went looking for a screen icon that had both an amazing fashion sense and could easily double as a recognizable Halloween costume. Thanks to Netflix and their recommendation, I landed on Uma […]

A Diamond For Everyone – The Story of Swarovski

Trends come and go, styles change, and fashion companies rise and fall; so when it comes to a major milestone like 120 years it’s important to celebrate. Founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, Swarovski Crystal has just reached that magical age. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we here at Baine Haus are writing our first fashion history […]

Weekend Haul Post

Hello, Readers! This post is going up for Monday on a Tuesday because we had a long weekend, YAY! I’m not sure what you did or if you were lucky enough to have Monday off but I spent the day, not doing anything. This made it very hard to come up with a post idea. […]

Misrule in the Fall

While many a girl is making her way to Starbucks to gain a pumpkin spice latte as it is her favorite fall thing, I am making my way towards something a little different and herbal. What COULD this be? Why the Lord of Misrule of course. That’s right readers Lush’s fall bath bomb exclusive is back in […]

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