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The Art Inspiration

Christian Dior once said, “Without Foundation, there can be no fashion.” This quote came to mind when I was scrolling through Tumblr and found the fabulous 2015 Marchesa Notte dress featured in the image above. The bust on the dress and the tulle of the skirt just screamed Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh to […]

September Makeup Haul

I literally ran out of all my makeup this month, which can only mean one thing… Makeup haul time! Now I love the occasional switching up of things up so I went out and tried some new things.  After using MAC for a few years and finding it a little heavy and skin drying I […]

Movie Character Monday – Skye/Daisy

SO… technically this is a Tv character but today the LA times, reviled the new look fo Daisy Johnson aka Quake, formally Skye. This costume, puts her more on par with her comic book character and has her in the S.H.E.I.L.D jumpsuit that fellow badass characters Bobbi aka Mockingbird and Agent May rock. While I […]

How to Wear Long Boots in Warmer Weather

   I did this look a couple days ago for the #StyleMeSeptember challenge on that Sarah, and I are participating in on Instagram. I decided to post and talk about this look after getting into a discussion with a girl at work about when is the appropriate time to start wearing long boots. Living in Arizona […]

How to Look Comfy and Classy, Without Even Trying

Guys, I go to college, work and have a small (but respectable social life). This means in the equation of life, sometimes putting on a complicated outfit is not always an option. In fact most days, to be totally honest, I only look put together when heading to work. I am working on this and since […]

August Favorites

Tomorrow is the 1st of September, and can someone please tell me where the summer has gone? September to me is the first official month of fall, despite the weather here in Arizona still being over 100. August blew past us, with busy and exciting new things happening, some of which kept us from posting regularly (sorry!). […]

Women Crush Wednesday

With the Amazing news that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are penning a film script together, I decided to do a Women Crush Wednesday post on one of my favorite women to see grace the red carpet… Jennifer Lawrence. She first came on my fashion radar with her, bright pink Oscar De La Renta Dress […]

Have A Wonderful Weekend

With this very busy week winding down, the weekend is a time to unwind and enjoy or to do whatever household chores need to accomplished. To help you make the most of those two glorious days, here are a few things that we loved for the week. There is nothing our family loves more than […]

Cleaning out is Good for the Closet

I am moving, which as anyone who frequently moves will tell you, is an excellent time to clean out those old items and get ready to fill in your space with some amazing new things. However, I am a mild clothing hoarder who tends to throw out things only when they are worn out; despite the […]

A Top is Worth a Thousand Words

When wandering through the mall and other various stores, I have noticed a lot of typographic shirts.  From the very affordable to extremely high end, every designer/brand is littering their collection with quirky sayings, sassy remarks, and inspirational quotes. Cool and comfortable, this easy to wear summer trend works for almost any occasion. It is extremely […]

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