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July Favorites 2015

Typically my sister and I split the post up so that we each get one week with two posts and one week with one post. Since this is the last post of the month, I figured we would switch this pattern up a bit and come together to give our five favorite things of the […]

A French Summer

Recently I have had a major stripe obsession, every time I walk into a store I am drawn to the clean and crisp look of black on white. After a friend of mine was swiping through some photos of me from the summer, I got a title for my current fashion vibe, French. Being the […]

Hair Diary: Return of the Pixie

I have never been one to shy away from playing with my hair, and while I have never dyed it, when it comes to cut I can be quite the Daredevil. Since March of last year, I have been growing out a pixie cut for the second time, and just like the last time I […]

Movie Character Monday – Mia Thermopolis

 The Royals IRL have been bringing some major fashion game recently; with the new Swedish Princess’ dress making headlines, Kate’s dress to Charlotte’s Christening making her look as classy as ever, and many of the designers at fashion week bringing some princess inspired looks to the runway. Needless to say, the IRL princesses have made […]

What’s in My Mini Bag

  I am a major fan of my mini Rebekah Minkoff bag, I wear it almost every day, and while  I get compliments on the bag itself, people just love to comment on the size. The other day, I got into a conversation on how to pack a smaller bag with a girl at my […]

K.I.S the Fourth

From Memorial Day weekend through to the Fourth of July, American malls become littered with clothing items bearing flags, racks full of novelty looks. We often find ourselves buying novelty items that by the end of the season we’ll never wear again. While I am as guilty (and proud of it!) as the next girl, […]

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