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I am currently in a love affair with a good bold lip, it’s new exciting and a fun way to play with color in the fall. When I rock one of the my a shade from my growing collection, I currently have five bold, people tell me how they could never pull it off. I get it people the idea of a bright red or a dark burgundy can seem like a scary idea, however, it is not as hard or as scary as you think. There are a few simple things that you need to know when looking for a bold lip to rock.

The First is Tone, Are you Warm, Nuetral or Cool?

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This is an easy thing to accomplish, you don’t need to go and pay money to find out! All you have to do is find some natural lighting, going outside in the sun is the best, and look at the veins of your skin on your forearm. If you have a golden skin tone with veins that appear green, congratulations! You are a warm tone. If you have a slightly pink undertone to your skin and blue veins, then you have a cool tone to your skin. Neutral, is the inbtween, you’ll have freedom to wear almost any shade, however there will be the odd one that will not work.

The second is kind


Now that you know what tone you are, people often move on to color. Which is fine if you are leaning more toward a nude shade however, when going for a bolder lipstick there is an extra step. For this second step, you should look at the texture of your lip, is it naturally dry? If you have a dry lip, it can often be visible due to the color of the lipstick, look for brands with moisture or have to carry around chapstick with you at all times. If dryness isn’t an issue think about the endurance of the lipstick; will you be eating a lot? Are you going to have time to reapply? Questions like this might lead the wearer into a long lasting stain.

 Once you know these two things you should be able to find a brand and a shade that easily works for you.

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