Movie Character Monday

Movie Character Monday – Mia Wallace

With Halloween right around the corner, I felt it was the appropriate time to do another movie charecter Monday. For this post I went looking for a screen icon that had both an amazing fashion sense and could easily double as a recognizable Halloween costume. Thanks to Netflix and their recommendation, I landed on Uma […]

Movie Character Monday – Skye/Daisy

SO… technically this is a Tv character but today the LA times, reviled the new look fo Daisy Johnson aka Quake, formally Skye. This costume, puts her more on par with her comic book character and has her in the S.H.E.I.L.D jumpsuit that fellow badass characters Bobbi aka Mockingbird and Agent May rock. While I […]

Movie Character Monday – Mia Thermopolis

 The Royals IRL have been bringing some major fashion game recently; with the new Swedish Princess’ dress making headlines, Kate’s dress to Charlotte’s Christening making her look as classy as ever, and many of the designers at fashion week bringing some princess inspired looks to the runway. Needless to say, the IRL princesses have made […]