Halloween Outfit Ideas

Hi friends! Sarah here. Today, let’s talk Halloween. Halloween is that awesome time of year when you get to get go out and basically play dress up. There are hundreds of posts out there talking all about last minute costumes, DIY costumes, etc. So I wanted to approach this holiday a little differently. What do you […]

Black and White Style Philosophy

A few days ago I was assisting a customer at work. She was an average looking lady wearing an all black outfit. She had a certain je ne sais quoi about her. While I was helping her,  she told me that she only wears black and white. She started wearing all black while working in […]

Cardigan Round Up

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time to break out of those winter coats and embrace the warmer weather.  Time to enjoy being outside and wearing your light layers. Since spring is a pleasant yet unpredictable season, it’s always good to have a cardigan with you. You will be prepared to face any bout of slightly […]

The Chambray Shirt- A Wardrobe Staple

What is one versatile piece that every person should have in their closet? A Chambray shirt. You can dress it up, dress it down, wear it as foundation piece, or as an added pop of interest. Before we show you some inspiring outfits, let’s get into the technical aspects of Chambray.  Chambray is a weave where […]

2016 Globes: 10 Best Dressed

My dear Golden Globes, you came saw and conquered the first award show of the evening with most of the ladies and gentlemen who attended you on Point as they dressed to the nines. We watched and wondered at your glamour for 2 hours of red carpet and 3 hours of people ignoring sound cues […]

Fashion and Architecture

Outfit inspiration can come from anywhere.  In the past we have talked about styles inspired by art and the movies; today, we are investigating “street style” with a fun twist. We will be taking our outfit cues from 3 distinct styles of architecture. First up, Tudor revival. Tudor revival is the 20th century take on the medieval architecture […]

Man Crush Monday-1970’s Look

Who is my Man Crush Monday? That would be my wonderful husband Alan! This is one of my favorite looks for fall. Here we have a pair of burgundy colored pants, a light denim colored button down, brown shoes, and aviators. This outfit is just so 1970’s cool. It’s perfect for date night or for a business […]

WANTED: Graphic Tee

This shirt describes my three favorite beverages to a tee (get it? 😉 ).  I’m thinking I need to add it to my closet ASAP.

Movie Character Monday – Skye/Daisy

SO… technically this is a Tv character but today the LA times, reviled the new look fo Daisy Johnson aka Quake, formally Skye. This costume, puts her more on par with her comic book character and has her in the S.H.E.I.L.D jumpsuit that fellow badass characters Bobbi aka Mockingbird and Agent May rock. While I […]

How to Wear Long Boots in Warmer Weather

   I did this look a couple days ago for the #StyleMeSeptember challenge on that Sarah, and I are participating in on Instagram. I decided to post and talk about this look after getting into a discussion with a girl at work about when is the appropriate time to start wearing long boots. Living in Arizona […]

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