How to Look Comfy and Classy, Without Even Trying

Guys, I go to college, work and have a small (but respectable social life). This means in the equation of life, sometimes putting on a complicated outfit is not always an option. In fact most days, to be totally honest, I only look put together when heading to work. I am working on this and since […]

A Summer Outfit

This month, I am participating in Hilary Rushford’s Style Me September challenge on Instagram. Which involves an outfit based off of a theme. It’s a great way to see the items in my closet in a new light. Today’s theme was Bisous from Paris. Unlike Mary, I don’t have to many French  inspired striped pieces, so […]

One Item, Three Ways-Zebra T-shirt

Welcome to our series “One Item, Three Ways”. Here we will take one article of clothing and show you three different ways it can be worn. We hope this will help you to expand your wardrobe without having to visit the store. The item: Zebra and Orange spotted J-Crew t-shirt.   The Looks: Casual:  Paired t-shirt with jean […]

The Little Red Dress

Everybody should have a go-to item in their closet. A signature piece that makes them feel confident and can be worn in a variety of ways. Traditionally, this item has been the little black dress. However, I’m a rebel. My go-to is the little red dress.  I purchased my dress on impulse at Forever 21 […]

Have A Wonderful Weekend

With this very busy week winding down, the weekend is a time to unwind and enjoy or to do whatever household chores need to accomplished. To help you make the most of those two glorious days, here are a few things that we loved for the week. There is nothing our family loves more than […]

Style that gives back

Bad stereotypes that come to mind when we talk style that gives back are; unfashionable and hippy, or alternatively expensive. Who wants to spend $100 on a simple t-shirt? Never fear! Today we are rounding up our favorite items that give back, look good, and won’t break the bank. The Shine Project. The Shine Project […]

Cleaning out is Good for the Closet

I am moving, which as anyone who frequently moves will tell you, is an excellent time to clean out those old items and get ready to fill in your space with some amazing new things. However, I am a mild clothing hoarder who tends to throw out things only when they are worn out; despite the […]

A Top is Worth a Thousand Words

When wandering through the mall and other various stores, I have noticed a lot of typographic shirts.  From the very affordable to extremely high end, every designer/brand is littering their collection with quirky sayings, sassy remarks, and inspirational quotes. Cool and comfortable, this easy to wear summer trend works for almost any occasion. It is extremely […]

A French Summer

Recently I have had a major stripe obsession, every time I walk into a store I am drawn to the clean and crisp look of black on white. After a friend of mine was swiping through some photos of me from the summer, I got a title for my current fashion vibe, French. Being the […]

Geek Chic- Star Wars

While I’m not usually into the Geek Chic look, when I saw this men’s T-shirt at Target, I knew I had to have it. Originally purchased for my husband, I think my constant, “I just love this shirt”strongly indicated to him that it would eventually end up on my side of closet. I enjoy that this shirt puts […]

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