The Swimsuit Miracle

Last week I was on the hunt for a new bathing suit. I had accidentally ruined my old suit by packing it up wet and never unpacking it. Absolute fail on my part. Now, I don’t know about you, but I hate swimsuit shopping. It always takes a lot of time, involves a lot of trying on […]

This or That- Arizona Biltmore Edition

Tomorrow we are headed to the Arizona Biltmore to spend a day at the pool and celebrate our parent’s wedding anniversary. The Biltmore is a stunning resort which has been around since 1929.  During its swanky past, it has hosted movie stars and presidents. The vibe of the place is very old school hip, with Frank Lloyd […]

K.I.S the Fourth

From Memorial Day weekend through to the Fourth of July, American malls become littered with clothing items bearing flags, racks full of novelty looks. We often find ourselves buying novelty items that by the end of the season we’ll never wear again. While I am as guilty (and proud of it!) as the next girl, […]

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