Halloween Outfit Ideas

Hi friends! Sarah here. Today, let’s talk Halloween. Halloween is that awesome time of year when you get to get go out and basically play dress up. There are hundreds of posts out there talking all about last minute costumes, DIY costumes, etc. So I wanted to approach this holiday a little differently. What do you […]

Favorite Fall Pieces

Hello friends! Sarah here today. What are the fall wardrobe pieces I can’t get enough of? Let’s take a look at some of my favorites and how to style them. Love, love, love this dot print tie blouse from Macy’s. You can use this blouse in so many looks. Pair it with a pencil skirt (black […]

Changing Hair

I’ve been debating dying my hair for a very long time. However, every time I fell in love with some sort of coloring on Pinterest or any other of the online sharing sites it was always unnatural. With two jobs that both require hair to be in the natural spectrum of coloring the dark pink […]

New York Fashion Week

Going to New York Fashion Week would be an absolute dream. The clothes, the models, the fashionistas, the photographers; it would be such a rush. While we have never been to New York Fashion Week or, heck, even New York City; that didn’t stop us from oohing and ahhing over the beautiful creations from this […]

2016 Globes: 10 Best Dressed

My dear Golden Globes, you came saw and conquered the first award show of the evening with most of the ladies and gentlemen who attended you on Point as they dressed to the nines. We watched and wondered at your glamour for 2 hours of red carpet and 3 hours of people ignoring sound cues […]

Fashion and Architecture

Outfit inspiration can come from anywhere.  In the past we have talked about styles inspired by art and the movies; today, we are investigating “street style” with a fun twist. We will be taking our outfit cues from 3 distinct styles of architecture. First up, Tudor revival. Tudor revival is the 20th century take on the medieval architecture […]

Golden Past

We are almost to the Golden Globes people! That’s right on January 10th (this Sunday) the first major award show of the evening will air. Award shows are a personal favorite of mine not only as a movie fan but as the shows introduced me to some of my now favorite designers and help set […]

October Favorites

It’s the end of the Month, Boo! (that’s a ghost pun and an emotion) and while we were all shocked by the fast paced movement of the month, we are very excited to share five of our favorite things Each. Since this is the Friday before Halloween, we’d also love to wish you a Fun […]

Booties for Everyone

Yesterday it was in the low 60s. In Arizona that means fall is finally upon us. What says fall more than Pumpkin Spiced lattes and falling leaves? Booties. I absolutely love my pair of Dolce Vita Booties. They are cute and comfortable. From the streets of Spain to urban jungle of Phoenix these shoes have […]

A Diamond For Everyone – The Story of Swarovski

Trends come and go, styles change, and fashion companies rise and fall; so when it comes to a major milestone like 120 years it’s important to celebrate. Founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, Swarovski Crystal has just reached that magical age. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we here at Baine Haus are writing our first fashion history […]

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