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Life Update

Today I wanted to update you on some big life changes and some blog changes. As you may have noticed Baine Haus of Fashion has been radio silent for about a year. This is just due to life. Mary was working two jobs and going to school. I was promoted at work, got pregnant, and had a beautiful baby girl. Lots of great things happened out in our real lives.

However, the good news for this blog is that it’s coming back with some significant changes. Firstly, Mary has decided to start her own blog/ Instagram account. Check her out at Jedi_style. Second, this blog is going to go from just a fashion blog to more of a lifestyle blog. You can still expect there to be a strong focus on fashion but I’ll be expanding the content to include posts on travel, food, motherhood and babies (and baby fashion!). Thirdly, the blog has been renamed and redesigned to reflect all the changes. The new name is Styled By Tippins.

Be on the look out for new content starting next week and in the meantime you can keep up with me via Instagram.

I’m so excited to start this new chapter!

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