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Changing Hair

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I’ve been debating dying my hair for a very long time. However, every time I fell in love with some sort of coloring on Pinterest or any other of the online sharing sites it was always unnatural. With two jobs that both require hair to be in the natural spectrum of coloring the dark pink hair I crave will just have to wait.

When getting my hair cut a little while ago, my stylist and I were discussing hair colors. I told him the best I could get away with was an ombre but with hair as short as mine it wasn’t really an option and one of my jobs didn’t even allow that. He recommended a coloring called a balayage.

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According to Google, Balayage is a more natural sun-kissed version of an ombre.

After learning what it was, I did some research on Pinterest, and fell in love with the picture on the left.

I saved it my phone, and booked an appointment with a colorist at the salon. Now as you can tell from the picture above, my hair does not really look like the picture to the left.

That’s because we used it as a stepping stone. ¬†Hair cuts and colorings are personal; modifying things to look better and to fit you are very important, ESPECIALLY, when you are working with a multi-dimensional color job.

I love my new hair! I am glad that I did research into what I wanted and got a consultation on what needed to be changed.

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