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Cleaning out is Good for the Closet


I am moving, which as anyone who frequently moves will tell you, is an excellent time to clean out those old items and get ready to fill in your space with some amazing new things. However, I am a mild clothing hoarder who tends to throw out things only when they are worn out; despite the fact that I only wear half my closet. Since I am moving on and growing up (sort of) I have decided to ditch some drab drawers and get rid of one of two dressers.

Having this Thursday off gave me time to go in and do the work, but instead of boring you with details, on that let us talk about what any good project needs… research. That is right, I scoured Pinterest and the internet to find some good clean out tips. A few of my favorites included:

51c467500c3ff2eeeb490ee802a98f61Start by removing all your clothes from closets.

If you haven’t worn it in 12 months, sell, donate or toss it.

If I saw it in the store would I buy it today? If not see if you can sell it or donate it.

Damaged or Stained? Toss it.

Do you feel confident in it? If you don’t want to spend money on tailoring it; sell, donate, or toss it.

Which tip is your favorite?

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