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Outfit inspiration can come from anywhere.  In the past we have talked about styles inspired by art and the movies; today, we are investigating “street style” with a fun twist. We will be taking our outfit cues from 3 distinct styles of architecture.

First up, Tudor revival. Tudor revival is the 20th century take on the medieval architecture style known as Tudor. The original Tudor style first came into being during the time of Shakespeare and during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First. The Tudor revival is defined by use of the Tudor arch (an arch with a point in the middle, among other things), decorative half timbering, and steep roofs. This look can be found in neighborhoods across the world. Outfits inspired by this type of architecture would want a warm neutral palate, think browns, greens, creams. We would want something that was structured yet drapey to invoke the look of the steep roofs and arches.

We are big fans of this business casual look. It hits all of our requirements and is a modern take on this old world architectural style.


Our next look is quite prevalent on the west coast. Give it up for Spanish Colonial style. This type of architecture tends to be simple and natural. It usually contains white or beige stucco walls, red tiles, beautiful round arches, and courtyards.  An outfit inspired by this look would want to be made from a light fabric, contain natural elements, and probably be a bright white color.



Modern Architecture. This style is full of clean lines and sleek buildings with minimal to no ornamentation. These building tend to be made with materials such as metal and concrete. A look inspired by modern architecture would be form fitting and made up of solid colors and strong lines. We love using modern architecture as inspiration to go a little bolder and a little more daring with our fashion.


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