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Have A Wonderful Weekend


With this very busy week winding down, the weekend is a time to unwind and enjoy or to do whatever household chores need to accomplished. To help you make the most of those two glorious days, here are a few things that we loved for the week.

de685b37ade0e8ed2588ea37ee3d2980There is nothing our family loves more than a dog.  While the rest of the internet is out searching for cute cat memes, we are wondering around looking at adorable dogs. Sarah, this fabulous blog co-creator, even runs a blog all about dogs called Nomadic Pup. Her blog is full of useful tips and doggy training tricks, or if you just want to stare check out this link for 40 cute puppy pics.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 10.34.22 PMIf you read my post on my current French fashion obsession, you would know that I have been on the hunt for a good pair of overalls. This Friday, I finally found an amazing pair at Madewell! But wait how does this incredible news apply to you besides finding a pair of well fitting overalls that work on petite curvier figures? Well, Madewell is having an additional 30% of Sale Sale in stores. Amazing clothes, worth the discount, where better to go shopping this weekend?

Mind-of-a-ChefFeeling like more of a foodie than a shopper? Check out the Mind of A Chef on Netflix. This fascinating show, will take you all over the word as different chefs tell the audience about their process. Narrated by Anthony Bourdain, the show catches the attention of their audience with chefs’ strong personalities, amazing animations, and fun food histories, that are sure to make your mouth water.


You might not have seen the movie but one thing is for sure, you should be listening to the soundtrack of Paper Towns. The film has a fantastic taste in music. The soundtrack features both popular artist and tracks including Saint Motels and Just My Type.

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