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How to Wear Long Boots in Warmer Weather

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.49.24 PM
Boots: Windsor (Similar but not the same)  Skirt: Anthropologie (no longer available) Belt: Anthropologie (no longer available) Sweater: Francesca’s (no longer available)


 I did this look a couple days ago for the #StyleMeSeptember challenge on that Sarah, and I are participating in on Instagram. I decided to post and talk about this look after getting into a discussion with a girl at work about when is the appropriate time to start wearing long boots. Living in Arizona after all means, that we tend to have hotter weather longer, but there’s a trick you see. Just think short long.

If you are going to do longer boots in warmer weather, avoid long pants and skirts. If you would like to wear a skirt, keep the it’s length above the knee (like my photo above). However, if you aim for pants, you must wear shorts and avoid wearing longer Bermuda/ Capri length as it will make you look shorter. If you feel the need for more coverage, add longer socks, like in this outfit from Season 4 Episode 7 of MTV’s Teen WolfScreen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.02.19 PM

While optional, when doing these looks I prefer tank tops which can be made more appropriate for the environment to which you are heading by adding light sweaters or jackets (like I did in the image above).

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