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Man Crush Monday-1970’s Look


Who is my Man Crush Monday? That would be my wonderful husband Alan! This is one of my favorite looks for fall. Here we have a pair of burgundy colored pants, a light denim colored button down, brown shoes, and aviators. This outfit is just so 1970’s cool. It’s perfect for date night or for a business casual look.

Let’s breakdown why this outfit works:

Color: The burgundy color of these jeans works a pseudo-neutral color. This means, while red isn’t normally a neutral and can’t be paired with all colors, in this shade we are able to pair these pants with other colors, neutral shades, and metallics. To keep this look simple, we combined the jeans with a light denim shirt. Denim is typically considered a neutral color.

Fit: Here we have a slim fit, skinny jean. This style works well on slender frames and keeps the body from looking overwhelmed. However, note they aren’t tight skinnys, they hug the legs just enough to show shape. Additionally, we chose to use a button down shirt. This keeps the look from being too casual. However, to keep this look just casual enough, we’ve rolled up the sleeves and left the top button undone.

Accessories: The brown leather shoes and belt do a few things for this look. First, this color of brown is a perfect compliment to both the burgundy and denim.  It’s not to dark, not to light, and maintains the warm look of the outfit. Second, the material (worn-in leather) helps us maintain a cool, “I look good but didn’t try hard”, vibe. Finally, the Aviators are the icing on the cake for this look. Their classic style adds a little something extra to the outfit.


Shirt: Target

Pants: Express

Shoes: Clarks

Aviators: Ray-Ban



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