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Movie Character Monday – Mia Thermopolis


 The Royals IRL have been bringing some major fashion game recently; with the new Swedish Princess’ dress making headlines, Kate’s dress to Charlotte’s Christening making her look as classy as ever, and many of the designers at fashion week bringing some princess inspired looks to the runway. Needless to say, the IRL princesses have made me crave some more impressive royal ladies and return to one of my favorite 2000’s films, The Princess Diaries. Since this is a fashion blog, however, let us turn to the royal wardrobe of Mia in the film’s sequel.

b96d122c7ba5eb423b00995dae902ad2 Like her real-life Princess counterparts, Mia sticks to classic silhouettes and well-tailored clothing. Like her real-life royal counterparts, she is often seen wearing pastels. These outfit choices, by the costuming department, allow us to go back and watch the show without it feeling dated.

The Pink dress, worn in the film, is an excellent example of this; the light pink pastel hue looks fantastic with her skin tone. The dress has a classic fit and flare look to it, ruching  just a little across the bust. The fit and flare, plays up a little 50’s vibe with a flowing cap sleeve and its knee length.

Playing off the theme of the dress, I found two currently available to purchase. The Click Click dress by Jill Jill Stuart I picked because of the Chiffon and sleeve detailing and it is also available to rent. The Anthea dress is by Ariella London and was picked because it has a similar length and shape but not the detailing.


a53d14ffc83f503118b0c7d3aeb610ebThe second look I picked from the film, is her end of the film outfit. I love this look because it works great on a young professional and continues to follow her timeless and tailored trend.

For this look I found three options all currently under 100 Dollars. The first skirt is actually on sale from Neimen Marcus and was originally priced at 225.00 and now is $75.00.

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