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October Favorites


It’s the end of the Month, Boo! (that’s a ghost pun and an emotion) and while we were all shocked by the fast paced movement of the month, we are very excited to share five of our favorite things Each. Since this is the Friday before Halloween, we’d also love to wish you a Fun and Scary Holiday.

Mary’s 5

1.Star Wars

If you follow me on the tweets or on Instagram, both usernames now @alittlebitmary,  then you would know how much I freaked out at the trailer for the film being released. I have no shame in admitting I have watched multiple times and forced our other sister Rachel into getting us the earliest available tickets on Dec 17th.

2. Little Black Booties

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 12.03.49 PM

I wrote about these booties in my Haul post for the month and have worn them almost every other day since, while these were a favorite for the month, I do believe that they are also a must have for the fall.

3. This Year by the Mountain Goats

I discovered the Mountian Goats, through author John Green’s Tumblr page, however, I did not deep dive through the band until recently. The Song above, This Year has definitely become my favorite by the band and is a good pick me up.

4. Lord of Misrule


I know I have a lot of repeats from previous posts, This amazing smelling, bath bomb and shower gel (available till the 31st) are some of my favorite things this fall. The eccentric green color is made more vibrant with the patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper.

5. The Magicians


I ordered this novel, after seeing the trailer for the upcoming tv series on Syfy. The novel follows Quinton a socially awkward genius obsessed with a novel about a Narnia-esqe land of Fillroy. After he gains a copy of book in the series that shouldn’t exist he finds himself in Brakebills, a highly competitive magic university. He soon discovers that Brakebills is not Hogwarts, Fillroy has a much darker story and magic can be a dangerous drug.


Sarah’s Favorites

1. Winter on Fire.

This is an incredibly moving documentary about the citizens of the Ukraine standing up to their government with protests in Maiden Square. You will be transported into the heart of the movement. Seriously one of the best documentaries ever.

Winter on Fire

 2. Halloween Decorations

I love elegant and understated Halloween decorations, the kind that scream old Gothic romance or creepy rather than gruesome or bright. Being that this is the first Halloween in our house and we live in an actual neighborhood now,  I wanted to try and get in on the holiday fun. We went with a bat and pumpkin theme both in our windows and on our mantle.

Halloween Deco

3. Neutral Colored Nail Polish

Now that fall has finally hit Arizona, I’ve retired the bright bubbly nail colors of summer and moved toward more muted and rich tones. My current favorite color, especially for pedicures, is Commander and Chic by Sally Hansen.

Commander in Chic

4. Luczern Laboratories Micro-Exfoliant Face Scrub

I purchased this face scrub a few months ago and promptly forgot about it. I rediscovered it recently and have been using it a least once a week. I love that it’s very gentle on the skin and leaves your face feeling soft and luminous.


5. Jane The Virgin

Netflix recently introduced me to Jane the Virgin.  Essentially a Telenovella made in English; it is cute, funny, and entertaining. It’s a perfect way to unwind after a day at work.


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