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September Favorites


Wow! September came and went so quickly! Below is our monthly round up of favorites. We are looking forward to October and all the comfy vibes that fall brings with it.


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Tea Forte

If you follow me on Instagram (shameless social media plug MaryKBaine), you’ll have noticed that for our Dad’s birthday we went to the Arizona Biltmore and had High Tea. We had a lot of fun new teas that I have never tried before my favorite two were the Cherry Marzipan and the tea above the African Solstice. I posted the African Solstice above because I got a fun little take home pyramid, however, I am now going to have to invest in a loose leaf tea brewer since the tea tins are a third of the price of the pyramid box.

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I am trying to be better about my spending habits and recently started watching a Youtube channel called the Financial Diet. The lovely ladies who run the channel recommended the Mint app by Intuit. The app is amazing as it tracks spending, has reminders for reoccurring bills, gives money saving recommendations, and helps the user come up with a budget.

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Pop Figures

My friend Gabby gave me the Chewbacca and the Wall-E figurse for my birthday, as every time we were in in a Barnes and Nobel I’d gush about how cute they were. Now I have been slowly getting some new ones, this month adding the BB-8 (which I will one day get the Sphero version of) and the Agent Carter (cause she is a Badass).

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Black Cherry

Now, I talked about this on Monday so I won’t bore you. Long story short I’ve been looking for a good dark lipstick for a while, but all the beauty bloggers and recommedy people have been using ones way out of my normal price range, so I have been on the hunt for my own. This shade is amazing and dark and looks great with a warm eye. I got mine at Target but there was no web link for it so I linked to the

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Empress in the Palace

Having first gone down the rabbit hole of Asian dramas my senior year in high school, I occasionally get readdicted to the genre. One of the things that always fascinates me are the historical court dramas. The amazing costuming, portrayal of palace dynamics, the mellow dramas and the tales historically accurate and imaged draw me in. One of the ones I discovered originally on Youtube is the Empress in the Palace or the Legend of Zhen Huan; which tells the story of a concubine of the Emperor as she goes from innocent to cold hearted. Recently Netflix recommended me the show in a shorter six episode format.


 1. Matcha Green Tea. This month has been crazy busy! What better way to unwind from a busy day than a cup of tea? My husband and I have really been into Fresh and Easy’s Matcha green tea. It makes for a relaxing break in an otherwise hectic day.


2. Cabins. For the past couple of years, we have been going with a group of friends, know as the “Thursday Crew” to a cabin in the woods. We just went last weekend and had a raucous time with seven adults, four dogs, and a baby. Our little adventure has given me cabin lust in the best possible way. Check out my Pinterest cabin board to see what I have planned for my pretend future cabin.


3. Pump. I love a good documentary and this month I highly recommend you all check out Pump. It’s all about our current dependency on oil and the different fuel sources we could potentially run our cars on currently and in the future. It will make you think.


4. Scandal. All of our favorite shows are making their way back to T.V. So excited to spend an hour each week with my favorite white hat gladiator, Olivia Pope!


5. Dryer Hedgehogs. There are very few creature comforts more heavenly than freshly washed sheets and towels. I have found these adorable hedgehog dryer balls to not only be a cute addition to the monotonous task of laundry; but to also help cut drying time and make everything delightfully fluffy.


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