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Black and White Style Philosophy

A few days ago I was assisting a customer at work. She was an average looking lady wearing an all black outfit. She had a certain je ne sais quoi about her. While I was helping her,  she told me that she only wears black and white. She started wearing all black while working in New York city decades ago and when she moved to Arizona she started adding some white.  Her whole wardrobe is now black and white, even her underwear and pajamas. Thinking this might be limiting her looks I tried to get her to branch out with some color. Her response to my color suggestions?  “Honey, if you don’t know who you are at my age, there’s a problem. I’ll stick to my black and white.”

While I myself prefer color and like to mix things up, I couldn’t help but thinking how awesome that this mystery lady knew what she liked, embraced it, and was just loving life. Sticking to black and white wasn’t limiting to her, it was freeing. She had a great sense of herself and in the end that is what style is all about.

In honor of this guest, we’ve rounded up some black and white ensembles below.




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