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The Swimsuit Miracle


Last week I was on the hunt for a new bathing suit. I had accidentally ruined my old suit by packing it up wet and never unpacking it. Absolute fail on my part.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I hate swimsuit shopping. It always takes a lot of time, involves a lot of trying on different sizes, and really makes me question why I don’t spend every spare moment working out. Prepared for a miserable time, I convinced my sister, Rachel, to come to the mall with me on our lunch break and be my dressing room wing woman.

We showed up to the mall and walked into Nordstroms; we pulled several suits from the racks and headed to the dressing rooms. Stealing myself, I began to try things on. First up, some black bikini bottoms. They fit perfectly right away. That NEVER happens. Next up, a matching black bikini top. Miracle of miracles it fit! Feeling excited by this turn of events, we kept trying on suits and they kept fitting. In a mere 20 minutes of swimsuit shopping, we had three very strong contenders we were deciding against. Again, this never happens. We kept giddily saying how awesome it was for swimsuit shopping to be this easy.  In the end I purchased two tops and one pair of bottoms.

Swimsuit shopping will probably never be this easy again, but hey, I enjoyed it while it lasted.



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