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The Three Types of Purses Every Girl Needs

Purses, they can make or break an outfit. They are also the one accessory that every woman owns and they mark a certain passage into adulthood.  When I was little, I had a fascination with purses and all the treasures they held. I remember going through babysitters’ purses and my mom’s purse wondering what was inside, excited for the day I could carry my own treasures ( a beaded gold lipstick case and a pink plastic Minnie Mouse wallet) around.

Today every women needs three high quality purses and they are set for life. All additional purses after these three are just icing on the cake.

  1. An everyday purse. The style and color can vary depending on your lifestyle. However, it should be big enough to hold your wallet, your keys, your phone, and a few extra items. My everyday purse is a red leather should bag from Coach. My mother gifted me this bag when I received my first management position at work.  I love this bag. The bright color (my signature red) makes outfits pop and the size is ideal. There is enough space to stash a sweater, an absolute must for the ice cold tundra that is any office building running AC in Phoenix.

Similar Coach Bag


  1. A clutch. This is a must have for nights out. No one wants to carrying a big bag around with them all night.  With a clutch you can go bright or classic. I love this playful option from Kate Spade.



  1. A travel purse. In order for you to be comfortable when site seeing, it is my belief that this bag must be one that you can wear across your body. This will also help prevent your bag being snatched by thieves right off your arm. The bag must be big enough for all your essentials, a water bottle, and small souvenirs. Nothing sucks more then not having your hands free. My go to bag is a lovey dark brown leather purse by Espirt. I have this same bag since 2006 and it looks good as new!

Similar BagBrown_Leather_Messanger



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