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This or That- Arizona Biltmore Edition


Tomorrow we are headed to the Arizona Biltmore to spend a day at the pool and celebrate our parent’s wedding anniversary. The Biltmore is a stunning resort which has been around since 1929.  During its swanky past, it has hosted movie stars and presidents.

The vibe of the place is very old school hip, with Frank Lloyd Wright influences. Just the kind of place where you want your outfit to be just right.

The pressure is on. Currently, I’m trying to decide beside between two looks to wear to dinner.

This: The first look is a sheer olive green maxi dress; which I’ve paired with a brown leather and gold belt, some metallic bangles, and wedges. I like this look because it’s sleek and sophisticated without being too dressy.

This Biltmore


That: The second look is a bright patterned dress that was inspired by a 1970s textile design. I’ve paired it with a tied and rolled Chambray shirt, metallic bangles, and wedges. This look is more casual and fun.

That biltmore


Which look would you choose?

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